Sea Turtles on Anna Maria Island

Loggerhead turtle newly hatched

Living by the coast in Florida has a lot of benefits but the one we love the best in the summer months are the turtles that come back to nest on the local beaches.

We share our beaches with nesting femals and their newborns from May onwards and The Bradenton Herald recently reported that the first mother turtle quietly came ashore to check out the area looking for the best real estate to lay her eggs this year.

Sea turtles come back year after year to the same nesting area and when the babies are big enough to nest they find their way back to the same spot they were born, just amazing!

During the summer guest should be vigilent not to leave any trash on the beaches to entangle or block the young turtles as they head to the sea, watch out for turtles on the roads as you drive around the island as sometime they can stray off course. To learn more about turtles and to help participate in helping rescue trapped hatchlings or count egg shells, you can go to Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch.

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