City of Anna Maria – New Logo

Anna Maria City just launched a new logo at the end of last month.  Unveiled by Mayor Fran Barford the new logo is a nice fresh design by Mike Thrasher.  You will start to see the new logo around town on city trucks and on various promotional items created by the city.

Anna Maria was first homesteaded by George Emerson Bean a traveller to the area from Connecticut.  Head over to the Rod and Reel Pier which is the location of his first home.  Later George Bean, his son, was one of the first land developers in the area and he along with his partner John Roser formed the Anna Maria Beach Company which was responsible for most of the development in the area.

For more history on the area go to the City of Anna Maria website. While staying at our beachfront bed and breakfast make sure to spend some time and visit the Anna Maria Island Historical Society Museum at located in the original ice house at 402 Pine Avenue  they are open: 10 AM to 1 PM Tuesday to Saturday to learn about the history of the City of Anna Maria.